WELCOME TO ENN101 & ENN102 for 2015


Well done to all the ENN101 and ENN102 students who successfully passed these tough modules during 2014- some achieving well-earned distinctions!!

In 2015 this site will continue to operate and I will be on-hand to assist you where I can; from assignments to poetry or discussions about the various texts connected to these modules.

If there is anything SPECIFIC you would like me to add to these pages, please let me know...

Contact me on: lscheepers@varsitycollege.co.za and I will be happy to help in any way I can...Liesl

The purpose of this link is to provide a space outside of class where we can throw around some ideas, add to things that we have chatted about in class and really make sure our 'community of enquiry' begins to work for all of us!

Who should be using these pages?:

a) VC Pietermaritzburg Students busy with ENN101 or ENN102 needing help with either literature, poetry or BOTH!
b) Students studying at another VC Campus
c) Students registered for this module with UNISA, but who may not be registered at Varsity College
c) Anyone with a general interest in English Literature
d) VC lecturers at any campus around the country

This wiki will provide you with links, clips and ideas for discussion - it's up to you to make use of what you find here, but remember that the more informed you are the more fun it will be for you to participate.

This wiki is not meant to replace your lectures or course material; what it is, is a supplementary source to take your studies to the next level...
Before you start you might find this helpful

If you haven't been on a wiki before go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dnL00TdmLY this is a basic introduction, then follow the other links to more comprehensive introductions.
On this wiki..........
  1. Please use standard English, this will help you practise the type of language required for your exams
  2. Feel free to share all the resources you know of that have made this subject more enjoyable for you (websites, links, You Tube etc)
  3. Post questions, comments and materials that interest you
  4. Be kind and critical in your responses to others